Interview the Wrong Person for a Labels or Packaging Job is a Mismatch

Interview the Wrong Person can be a fatal hire

The recruitment and hiring process is one of the most important processes for a pressure sensitive label and flexible packaging organization. The main purpose of the whole process is to get the right person at the right place at the right time. When you interview the wrong person for the job, too often it turns out that the new hire is not what you wanted. You hired the wrong person!

A bad hire can cost a company its reputation, sales and many other issues. The bad hire wastes an organization’s valuable time and money and the blame may be levied onto the Hiring Manager.

Hiring the right person out of dozens of applicants and referrals is not an easy job for the Hiring Manager. The face-to-face interview is the phase of a selection process where the interviewer can judge a candidate better. The following steps testify that you (the interviewer) MIGHT NOT be going for “The Right Candidate”:

Interview the Wrong Person…… a Lot of Complaining:

Interview the Wrong Person can be a fatal hireAsk questions about bad experiences and analyze his/her response. If THE PERSON KEEPS ON BLAMING others and complaining about that the previous job, then it means you are interview the wrong person. Negativity or bad mouthing current or former employers and complaining about the incentives given in the previous job shows that that person has a problematic personality.

No Knowledge of the Candidate Applying for the job: Ask different question about the job on which he is going to be hired. Check his/her knowledge about different aspects for which the person is to be hired and has to do to fulfill his/her duties such as using hypothetical questions to facilitate his/her problem solving skills.  If a sales role, create a situation question to perceive how he/her would expand the customer base or handle a customer service/delivery issue. If THE PERSON FAILS to SOLVE, how can he/she solve problems or increase revenues for you?

How does the Candidate’s Prior Achievements relate to THIS role

Before interviewing begins, create an “ideal candidate profile” that includes preferred achievements the potential new hire should have. If THE PERSON HAS PRIOR ACHIEVEMENTS on his track record NOT related to the “ideal candidate profile” you created, he/she may not be the right person for the job and your sixth sense is right – you are interviewing the wrong person for the job.

Insignificant References and Background Checks

One of the biggest problems for Hiring Managers is the time factor involved in reference checking.  As a recruiter, I NEVER accept references provided initially by a candidate.  They are likely friends and will be biased.  This is where an EXPERIENCED RECRUITER is so valuable.  I dig up and cold call former colleagues, internal and external customers, and industry peers.  Those cold calls mean the references provided and unscripted and unbiased and therefore much more valuable in the screening of candidates.

BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE VERY IMPORTANT.  In today’s world, especially in sales and customer facing roles, performing civil and criminal background checks and attaining a social media reputation report is mandatory.   You don’t want to be blindsided by a new hire’s past issues or present bad behavior online.

Different Organizational Values:

It is difficult to JUDGE THE ORGANIZATIONAL HABITS AND THE CULTURE ADOPTED by the candidate in first interview but a few things still can be observed. For example, an organization practices a lot of communication and response and the candidate seems to be less talkative and reserved which may indicate that he/she is not suitable for the job. Also if a person is easily distracted during the interview e.g. glimpsing at their cell phone or not focused then it is also a signal for the manager. Behavioral question will also help to know the values of the person.

Determine Whether you will Interview the Wrong Person

While hiring, you should be 100% convinced that this is the right candidate. If you are uncertain that he /she might be right but also HAS SOME BAD QUALITIES then go with a no. You will get a better and suitable candidate for the job eventually.

To conclude, verify the candidate before you hire and go with your instincts. Make sure that you are ascertaining that this person should be hired. Otherwise, it’ll be a very taxing hiring experience and bad investment.  The cost of hire with a bad new employee that MUST be replaced is MUCH HIGHER than the typical recruitment fee.

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