Search Firm Increases Production for Companies

How a Search Firm Increases Production for Companies

A search firm increases production when you choose one that specializes in your industry, specifically in labels and packaging, perform recruitment and selection processes for companies.   Company human resources time becomes constricted and companies do not have the time to implement a thorough recruitment and screening processes. There are hundreds of applicants, but companies need to find the right applicant for their job postings. Training applicants takes time and money; companies are careful in the selection process in order to save up and be more productive.

How a Search Firm Increases Production for CompaniesCompanies engage a search firm such as The Marathon Group in order to manage the employment processes, screening, and making sure candidates put forward meet the performance objectives of the role, have the desired skills, cave noted accomplishments related to the role.

A search firm increases production for companies by providing an advantage when it comes to a company’s production pace and the amount of time they have saved. Everyday there are numerous people looking for job openings. Usually there are many people applying for the same position. However, companies do not have the time to processes each and every one of these candidates to see if they are fit for that one position.

In addition, a high percentage of job seekers are “C players” – those who can perform aspects of a role, but contribute nothing to developing intellectual property, significantly increasing revenues, or increase production.  The truth is many job seekers, aka C” players” who are up to 55% of the available workforce, can easily be replaced by software automation or robotics.

How a Search Firm Increases Production for your Company

When companies don’t use a search firm, they hire many applicants via job boards which means more time is used on training which could have been used for future projects. A good search firm cold calls, rarely uses job boards, and seeks out potential candidates who are great employees where they work now.  A good search firm increases production by cutting down the vast number of applicants to a more practicable level.  Outsourcing to these firms are the best way to manage and screen candidates; their expertise in recruiting and staffing outperforms the ones of the HR department of the company.

A search firm has a higher level of proficiency when it comes to finding the right niche of workers for a specific company. These firms specialize in what are the trending news in the market, recruiting, and news about employment rates. They allocate their abilities into screening applicants to see if they possess the right skill for the task.

The Right search firm Increases Production and Retention Rates

A good search firm helps to decrease the turnover rate by checking out candidates before they are even hired. In most cases, staffing firms already have substantial information regarding a candidate’s professionalism and work ethic, and if they can fit right in within the company’s culture.

At the Marathon Group, we are a search firm that saves you money and enabling the right hires to increase production.   Hiring the right staff for the tasks propels the company towards success and development, but hiring the wrong ones stagnates the progress.

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